B16A swapped Civic

Light, fast and clean that’s the best way to describe the following car that I’ve taken out to shoot.

This Civic coupé is probably one of the cleanest ones I know of and it’s owned by my friend Dylan. He did something really important and that is: keeping it simple.


Dylan is a good fellow, he knows a thing or two about Honda’s and when his D series engine died on him he didn’t hesitate to swap a B16A into the car.


I got to drive this little rocket for a little while, and I have to say that I’m impressed with the power that the little 1.6 pushes.


Dylan told me he was going to do more trackdays than before, he just needs to add an oil cooler to keep the temps stable.


The color of the car is really oustanding, it’s an Audi color actually, but it surely fits the car. Gives it a really clean look. Oh and the letters on the tire it says #THEMIDNIGHTGARAGE.


I really like the fact that he didn’t go for a stanced look, rather take a bit higher offset wheels to keep the cornering capabilities of the car.


All in all this car is a fun little car to bring to the track and to daily drive, light, fast and clean.