Ring weekender & VLN

This weekend Bart(Green Miata) offered me to come with him, Niels(Red RX7) and Benny(Red E30) to the ring. And who am I to say no to such a great offer. Benny set out a fun route towards the ring. Really curvy and mostly downhill. It sure was alot of fun to drive throught the hills like that. Unfortunately I didn’t have a car myself to join them on this trip.

Niels finished his RX-7 FC just in time for this weekend. And I have to say, that I’m glad he made it, what a sexy car. (A little write up about this car coming in the future)


I joined Bart in his miata. I did a write up on this miata in the past.


Still love the way this miata looks, so clean.


Benny also just finished his project car. It used to be a 316, but he swapped it to a 1.8 from an E36 318 IS. Which means 140HP for this lighter chassis. Not a whole lot but surely enough to have fun in.


There was a small part in the road that felt really rough, it felt like we had a flat tyre on the Miata, luckily it seemed to be fine.


Once arrived we went to the house we were going to rent for this weekend. As you can see we had a large driveway to put our cars on.


After we had settled our stuff in the house, we were off to the ring to see if there was anything going on. We knew that VLN was the next day. But the ring was closed this day, so we were quite curious what was going on.

Once we arrived at Brünnchen we saw some people, but it sure wasn’t crowded. After waiting for 20 minutes without seeing anything we decided to go to the supermarket. But when we drove off I heard some roaring of Porsches. And I told Bart to pull over whenever we were able to. And so we did.


After checking the VLN practice near Pflanzgarten, we left for Adenau. We had to get some food there, and ofcourse look at the practice from that awesome point of view.

Damn the Z4 GT3 never gets old.


I mean what a sight, Adenau surely is one of my favorite views.


After a while we decided to go for some dinner and get back to the house, a long day of VLN was waiting for us the next day. And maybe some driving on the ring ourselves.


When we were heading for VLN the next day we started out at Brünnchen.

Man, what a beast this BMW. The noise it made was godly. When he let go of the throttle the turbo noise gave us goosebumps.


Bart brought a couple of chairs. Lazy prick.


Niels was tall enough to look over the fence.



After a while we started walking towards Karussell.


On the way we found an opened gate, probably for ambulances and tow cars etc, which gave us a really nice view.


Walking towards Karussell once again, the cars passing from the right. It never gets old.


Arrived at last, a long walk. But the view is amazing.




Damn this is pure sex.




We moved to the first few corners of the ring. We enjoyed every minute of it.



I kept pushing Bart and Benny into racing on the ring, and when VLN was done, they were convinced enough. They were going for the prize! So they were going to race after VLN, and the next day in the morning as well.

Bart done with his first lap.


Benny done with his first lap.


There were alot more cars to enjoy on the paddock, this S1 for instance. I’m in love.


This Ultima GTR, too bad the guy who was driving it didn’t drive even remotely fast. He entered the ring at the same time as we did with the Miata. He didn’t pass us, and we saw him in our rear view mirror but dissappeared within a minute.




Damn this CRX is clean.


We took some pictures of the three rides and left for dinner and bed.


A victim of VLN on the way back.


The next day we were going to the ring to race on it right away.


Bart on the ring having the time of his life. According to him he drove a 4:20.


Benny up next, also having a blast.


That Ultima again, what an amazing sight to see, but damn it was so slow.


Last corner we checked before we went home.


All in all, it was an amazing weekend. Can’t wait for me to finish my S13 and going back to the ring once again. I need my fix. Thanks alot to Niels, Benny and Bart for making this weekend possible.